August 2014 AGM

Rodney Neighbourhood Support A.G.M. and Get Together on Wednesday 6th August 2014 went really well and was well attended.

Following the A.G.M Margaret Faed, the Rodney Coordinator for Neighbourhood Support, welcomed our Rodney Area Police Commander: Scott Webb to speak.

Scott has had 29 years service in Northland and discussed policing and the changes.

‘Prevention First’ is the current status and this is victim focussed.

The terminology used now is policing excellence focussing on mobility and the use of the Ipad. This has enabled the placing of 520,000 policing hours back into the community.

Alternate resolutions are now being used allowing the police to bail offenders for small crimes, and putting in place police diversions, formal warnings and cautions. This eliminates the need for a court appearance.

Courts are operating longer hours to target crime prevention. This is achieved by a multi-agency, co-sharing and probation approach.

Our second speaker was Community Constable Ian Price (Jug) talking about observation.

Jug as he is known by his colleagues said “there are three forms of observation: covert, overt and blind. Covert which observes behaviour unseen, overt which is visible and can change behaviour and blind which sees and chooses to do nothing.”

Jug also stated criminal behaviour has changed from night crimes to crimes in the day, when homes are left unattended.

What the police need to know from the community is who, what, where, when, and any form of weapons used or in the perpetrators possession. Good information needs to be reported at the time of the incident to enable the police to take action.

Margaret gave a short speech on graffiti.

Graffiti another community concern can be responded to by council who have a graffiti action group. This prevents any gang type ownership of areas.

The floor was then opened to the community who had some interesting stories to share, which the police were able to action and respond to.

Improvement can only take place if the community takes responsibility.

The free raffle was drawn by Mark Mitchell and prizes given out.

Mark Mitchell gave a closing speech, supporting the police and community for the work they undertake to keep their community safe.

This was then followed by a light supper for all.

Sue Bright