Civil Defence

Will You Cope When Disaster Strikes?

Earthquakes, floods, storms and volcanic eruptions all have one thing in common - the potential to ruin everything we have worked for over the years - homes, treasured and irreplaceable mementos and, possible, the loss of a loved one. The awesome effects of nature are a fact of life here in New Zealand. Disasters happen, quickly, and without compassion. We can't prevent disasters but we can take some simple steps to ensure we will be able to cope. All of us must think ahead and be prepared by involving the whole family. Know what to do before you have to do it.

When a civil defence emergency occurs

Should an emergency occur, your Mayor or regional Chairperson may declare a civil defence emergency. Once a declaration has been made, the civil defence Controller and the police have the legal authority to:
  • Evacuate buildings and places
  • Restrict entry into buildings, including private homes
  • Close roads and public places
  • Remove vehicles that impede emergency services and civil defence work
  • Requisition items that are needed to save lives

Download your household emergency checklist from

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