Notes from the 2015 AGM

The Rodney Neighbourhood Support held their Annual General Meeting at 7pm, Thursday 20th. August 2015 AT St Chad’s Anglican Church in Orewa.

The meeting was chaired, and opened by our co-coordinator, Margaret Faed.
This was followed by the presentation of the treasurer’s report by Sue Bright.


Inspector Mark Fergus

Inspector Mark Fergus, who is the Rodney Area Commander for the N.Z Police , gave an informative talk on his current role, and a brief summary of his previous 28 years of experience. Other points he made were

  • Crime statistics have dropped in the current reporting year.
  • The important principle, first espoused by Robert Peale, founder of the English police force, that “The police are the public, and the public are the police”, and went on to explain that this means that it is the responsibility of every one, not only the police, to ensure the safety of the community.
  • The NZ police, and the national body for Neighbourhood Support, have signed an agreement of understanding. One of the outcomes they are looking for is to enhance any capabilities to reduce the incidents and effect of crime.
  • That the role of the police force is to not only make communities safe, but to feel safe.


Constable Michael Brown
Inspector Mark Fergus’ presentation  was followed by Constable Michael Brown, our new community constable for Orewa. His talk covered the very practical aspects of Inspector Mark Fergus’s point on how to be safe, and to feel safe.

  • Know your neighbours.
  • Personal Safety
  • Protect you home
  • Report a crime


The meeting finished with refreshments, and a  group video.