Rural Crime Up?

I am sorry to report we have another crime increase.

To endeavour to make out suburbs and rural areas more safe and community minded. I am requesting that you encourage all members of your group to talk to their friends not just in their immediate area but elsewhere about joining Neighbourhood Support. I can offer signs, information packs as well as arrange to meet with you. If you are an area that has been hit this time or an area near you please contact me or your local Community Constable if you wish to hold a meeting of concerned residents. I work closely with the Police in establishing new groups.

Note: There is a lack of signs in some areas where I know there are members, also some signs are looking sad. I can supply both signs and stickers for your window and or letterboxes. Send an email. As I am delivering magazines around the whole area the delivery of signs either to you personally or your local Police Station can be arranged.

I do believe that having the signs up on the Power Poles, stickers on the letter boxes, and taking measures to help make your place unattractive to the intruders does help prevent burglaries. Some places have lights that come on (although the cats or cars passing close to my driveway set mine off). Burglar alarms but have a neighbour that can keep and eye if they are activated or a security company. (Mine has previously had every child in the street check my house).I do have it monitored. Some rural roads have clubbed together and put up security cameras. (These must be looked after and the information available if required. (I know of one instant where the locals did not know if the film would be available when the info on it was needed). I experienced hearing dogs barking at night. Ours included but just thought must be a possum set one dog barking then all the others around joined in. Not so a local farmer lost a lot of hay that night. It was lesson to be more aware of what is happening.

I have tried to be encouraging and I guess I am talking to a lot of the converted who have taken measures to protect their local areas. If the above only helps one family it will be great.

Let us all spread the word of Neighbourhood Support Rodney.