Snells Beach-School Bicycle Safety

by Liaison Officer of Police

RODNEY-Snells Beach School Receives Cycle Training.

School Community Officer, Bernie Watt, recently visited Snell Beach School to work with all Year Four to Six children on cycle safety skills.

Topics covered included helmet wearing, signaling, emergency stopping and balancing skills.
Children were put through a preset course which tested their ability to maintain balance while giving adequate signals as well as being able to control their cycles when coming to a sudden stop.

“As expected,” says Bernie, ” children who rode their bikes regularly had better balancing skills however, this didn’t necessarily mean they had greater awareness of traffic dangers.”

Children in the Year One and Two syndicates were also visited by Bernie and skills relating to safe walking, and passenger safety was covered.

Bernie is one of two School Community Officers who work in schools in what was formerly the Rodney District. They work for the School Community Services section of the Police delivering a wide range of programmes covering traffic safety, abuse and bullying prevention, drug education and general crime prevention.

Bernie covers covers all schools, primary and secondary, in north-eastern Rodney while his colleague, Senior Constable Dave Mitchell covers the southwest.

Bernie Watt